Blue Dragon Teriyaki Skewer Kit 142gm


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Individual sachets of Teriyaki glazing and dipping sauce, Teriyaki marinade, sesame seeds and bamboo skewers
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Teriyaki literally means to grill or glaze. It is commonly used in Japanese cooking to brush over meat or fish whilst it is being grilled. It has a slightly sweet soy flavour making it the perfect introductions to Japanese Cuisine.
At Blue Dragon we are inspire by the vibrancy of modern Asia, Sharing new tastes and recipe to fuel your passion for food.
In Asia them most exciting foods are not found in restaurants, but on the carts and stalls lining busy streets and quiet alleys, our Teriyaki Skewer recipe is inspired by the neon streets of Japan.
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Chili rating - mild - 1
Makes 8 skewers
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Pack size: 142G

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